13 Ways to Survive the Divorce

13 Ways to Survive the Divorce

1.  Laugh.  It heals and cures incredible pain.
2.  Read How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Melba Colgrove, Ph.D., Harold H. Bloomfield, MD and Peter McWillliams (Prelude Press, 1993).
3.  Get a therapist who specializes in divorce and join a divorce recovery group.  This usually is a short-term engagement.
4.  Treat your friends with kindness.  It’s easy to abuse those close to you, especially in the beginning stages of a divorce.  Remember why they re your friends.
5.  Get smart – educate yourself about divorce.  Talk to people who have gone through it.  Ask, “If I could roll back the clock, would I have done anything differently?”
6.  Stay busy.  Volunteer within the community if you are not working for pay.
7.  Keep communications open with your ex-to-be and definitely with your kids, if you have them.
8.  Surround yourself with positive people.  It’s common to want to hang out with others who are the same boat.  That works for a short while.  After that, the ship begins to sink.  Negative people beget negative people.
9.  Be assertive and clear about what you want.  If you feel weak In the area, there are classes that you an take that will assist you in speaking up for yourself.  Remember, if you have kids and are going to be the custodial parent, you are speaking for them, too.
10.  Keep track of the hours you put into gathering data for your attorney.  Then figure out how much she would have charged if she had had to do the sleuthing.  Do the math and determine just how much money you saved.
11.  Make a list identifying the top four things that are important to you personally and professionally.  Next, turn down activities and projects for the next month that don’t tie in with your top four.  Instead, pour your energy into your big four – you will feel terrific.
12.  Watch our top 13 (actually 15) movies (will be listed in our next newsletter).
13.  Plan a celebration when it is over.  A celebration of a divorce?  Yes.  You have been through a lot – a pat on the back is in order for not following through with some of the nasty thoughts you had along the say.  It could be dinner out with a friend, a movie, even a trip.
the D

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